Best Backpacks For Nursing And Medical Students

One of the first things you’ll need as a new nursing or medical student is a reliable backpack. It must be spacious enough to fit your laptop, books, courses, and essential medical gear like your reflex hammer required for your clinical practice. Although there are many models on the market, finding one that suits your purpose is often quite a hassle. Luckily, we’ve done the hard work for you; check out the top backpacks for nursing and medical students below to find the one that suits your needs.

Our Top Choices – Backpacks for Nursing Students

1. Matein Water Resistant College Backpack

Coming in two sizes designed to fit 15.6 or 17-inch laptops, this water-resistant college backpack by Matein is one of the best backpacks for nursing and medical students. Its greatest strength is the incredibly ample storage space squeezed into a compact design.

Our choice fits 15.6 or smaller laptops in a dedicated compartment located next to a roomy main compartment where you can store anatomy books for nursing, scrubsyour hand cream for nurses and even a pair of nursing shoes.

A front compartment featuring a wealth of pockets for pens and gadgets adds further value for money, allowing you to keep everything neat and tidy.

Made from durable polyester fabric, Matein boasts metallic zippers and is water resistant. You won’t have to worry about rain ruining an important course book or homework, nor about water damaging any equipment.

A very nice detail for the tech generation is the built-in USB charger with cable, that gives you convenient access to a power bank you can locate inside the bag. Perfect for everyday usage, it also comes with thick, padded straps, additional carry handle, and a convenient mesh pocket for your drink.

Coming in various colors and affordable, this backpack is all you need to start the medical school year.

2. High Sierra Compact Backpack for College Students

High Sierra is one of the biggest players on the student backpack market. From the myriad of models they offer, this compact backpack for college students is an excellent choice. Roomy and boasting multiple compartments, it gives you plenty of space to keep your things organized.

It doesn’t have a laptop compartment, but comes with a dedicated tablet sleeve. It also boasts a smaller compartment with multiple pockets and loops for small essentials including pens, notepads, your phone, and your keys.

Lateral compression straps help you keep everything tight; at the same time, the main compartment is big enough to keep all your medical gear.

Regarding comfort, the backpack comes with contoured shoulder straps and suspension system, and you’ll also like that it comes in an impressive range of colors and styles.

3. Vancropak Water Resistant School Backpack

If you want a nursing school backpack with room to accommodate a lot of gadgets, then the Vancropack might be it.

Whether you need an external USB charging port, several pockets for your laptop, tablet, smartphone, and other gadgets, a place where to hold all your cards securely, or a big compartment for your college items, this backpack can hold all of this and even more.

Made from high-quality material, the bag is water resistant despite being made of canvas. Its padded shoulder straps avoid applying pressure on your neck and upper shoulder area, for enhanced comfort while carrying your load.

Stylishly designed, it also has a top earphones hole and two lateral cup holder pockets. Perfect for college but also for young professionals, the backpack comes in six sleek solid colors and at a price that won’t break the bank.

4. Swissdigital College and Travel Backpack

If you want the highest quality college backpack and don’t mind spending a buck, this backpack by Swissdigital could be the right one for you. Ideal for medical students, this bag is actually designed for travel and boasts a host of outstanding features.

It has 20 independent pockets and compartments. It can literally fit all your small and large items, keeping everything super-organized so you will never struggle to find something in an emergency.

TSA-approved, this large backpack comes with a 180-degree opening laptop and gadget compartment that gives you super-easy access to your gadgets.

Like most modern backpacks, it features a USB charging port that works with any kind of battery pack. Another awesome thing is the RFID protection pocket designed for your credit cards, driving license, or passport.

Made from 1680D polyester and 210D nylon, this bag also withstands harsh outdoor conditions and can keep the contents dry if rain catches you by surprise.

Obviously, you’ll have to pay for all these bells and whistles, but if you don’t mind the higher price, this backpack can stay by your side throughout your college years.

5. Mancro College School Backpack

The last backpack on our list, Mancro boasts casual lines and is suitable for college students, young professionals, traveling nurses, and even hiking. Sleek lines and slim construction make it an excellent choice in various situations.

Like all modern backpacks, it has an external USB port with built-in charging cable, plus a bountiful range of pockets and compartments.

Keeping all your nursing school items organized will be easy. Mancro has a separate laptop sleeve, a smaller pocket for valuables and essentials like your nurse watch, wallet, keys, and pens. Another larger compartment is roomy enough to hold NCLEX-RN books, folders, and even clothes.

Two exterior pockets can hold your hot or cold drink and an umbrella for the rainy days; even when rain catches you by surprise, there is nothing to worry, as the backpack is made from water-resistant polyester fabric.

We also like its reinforced bottom that keeps it upright, helping you access your items without too much hassle.

Coming in various colors and styles, this is a great alternative to the other backpacks on this list.

How to Choose a Nursing or Medical School Backpack

All backpacks are similar at first glance. However, the best backpacks for nursing and medical students are quite different from the usual backpacks and have a few things in common. When buying, you should check the following features.

  • Material: College backpacks can be made from a variety of fabrics; regardless of your choice, you must ensure it resists wear and tear. Your college gear alongside scrubs and other nursing or medical equipment can turn into a heavy load. The fabric must also be water resistant to keep your items safe if you happen to be caught by a downpour.
  • Closures: Most backpacks have zipper closures. However, some may only close with Velcro. Stay away from these, and invest in a backpack with sturdy zippers. Metallic zippers tend to last longer than plastic ones, but know that they can rust and break over time.
  • Compartments: Undoubtedly, the most important thing to check before buying. You should buy a backpack with as many compartments as possible. The minimum you need is a space for your laptop or tablet, a large main compartment for books, notebooks, and folders, various small pockets for smaller gadgets, pens, and small practice gear, such as a nurse watch. Some backpacks also have lateral cup holders and at least an RFID compartment for ID and credit cards.
  • Straps: Carrying a heavy load can be even more of a burden if the shoulder straps are of poor quality or inadequate. If you want your bag to be easy to carry, make sure the straps are padded and breathable. They must also avoid putting too much pressure on your neck area. Also make sure that they are adjustable, as you’ll be able to tighten or loosen them based on the backpack’s weight and your height.
  • Add-ons: Until recently, a backpack contained nothing but compartments and shoulder straps. Today’s backpacks for nursing and medical students can also have headphone holes, external USB ports, power bank slots, carabiners for your keys, and a variety of other accessories designed to make your college life more enjoyable. If these add-ons are important for you, make sure the backpack you like has them.
  • Color: Choosing the style and color is subjective, but not all choices are appropriate for a nursing or medical student. Sober, solid hues are preferred to the bright ones or intricate patterns. Light greys are also acceptable. If you want to add a touch of personality, choose a backpack with a discreet pattern. Regardless of what color or pattern you like, make sure the fabric is easy to clean, as walking around with a soiled backpack won’t do you any justice.


The best backpacks for nursing and medical students must be water resistant, durable, and equipped with lots of pockets and compartments. They must have padded shoulder straps and be comfortable to carry even when loaded at full capacity.

All backpacks featured in this article address the specific needs of nursing and medical students, and come at prices that won’t break the bank; so pick your favorite model and start the new college year in style.