Best Gifts For Nurses In 2022

Whether you want to thank a nurse, or need a birthday or graduation gift for a nurse friend or family member, picking the right item could be overwhelming. Luckily, we did the hard work for you. We scoured the market and found the best gifts for nurses in 2022. Check them out below.

Our Top Choices – Gifts for Nurses

1. RT7 PRO Compression Socks

Long shifts will undoubtedly take a toll on your favorite nurse’s feet. A pair of compression socks for nurses is something she’ll surely appreciate. There are dozens of models out there, but we truly like the RT7 PRO Compression Socks.

First, they have a neutral design, so nurses can wear them either at work or at the gym if they’ll still have the energy to train with a nurse smartwatch. The color palette includes pink or black with bright hue details.

RT7 PRO is made from anti-bacterial, moisture-wicking fabric, stretchy enough to put on without effort. Still, they are strong enough to provide adequate compression and soothe sore feet, plantar fasciitis, or other foot and leg conditions.

These socks come beautifully packed in a stylish pouch. Furthermore, they also come with a lovely nurse watch available in either blue or bright green. Just what your nurse needs to smile every day and keep feet happy during long hour shifts.

2. Trendy Badges RN Nurse Badge Holder Reel

Another amazing gift for a nurse is this badge holder reel from Trendy Badges. This mylar-covered belt clip badge reel attaches securely to a scrub collar or pocket and adds a touch of style to the wearer.

It comes with a clearly printed registered nurse (RN) picture with a stethoscope and nurse hat. The transparent window and Swarovski crystals around the image an on the badge clip enhance the beauty of this item.

The clip attaches securely, and you won’t have to worry about losing the badge. Furthermore, a 34-inch quality reel lets you open restricted access doors without taking the badge off your scrub.

This badge holder is easy to clean with bleach wipes without ruining the design, so you can keep it nice and clean throughout the shift.  We also like that it comes wrapped in a gift packaging and the manufacturer offers outstanding customer support for defective products.

3. 50 Strong Nurse Water Bottle

Either for you or your favorite nurse, this nurse water bottle from 50 Strong is one of the best gifts you can grab. It comes in two sizes and thanks to its attractive design, it will surely remind you to stay hydrated during long shifts and would be an excellent addition to any nurse’s backpack.

What makes it stand out is the all-around 360-degree stylish print. It’s great for both male and female nurses, while the motivational quote printed on top of the funny designer drawings will boost your mood on those difficult times.

This shatter-proof bottle is made from 100% BPA-free plastic and contains no harmful chemicals. It is safe to reuse and even hold in the fridge. The cup-holder diameter also makes it perfect for keeping in the car or taking with you on your nursing travels.

Coming from a small local business in Ohio, this water bottle is manufactured in the USA; it meets or exceeds all federal safety standards.

Other things we like are the ice-guard cap and finger-friendly carry loop. It even comes in a stylish gift box.

4. BOVKE Stethoscope Nursing Bag, Travel Carrying Case

The BOVKE Stethoscope Travel Carrying Case is a perfect gift for nursing school graduation or as a birthday or Christmas present for the nurse in your life. It provides the perfect place where to hold all nursing essentials.

It’s made from high-quality EVA, a material known for its excellent resilience; at the same time, the hard case appearance gives it a stylish look. Coming in 7 solid colors, the case is also decorated with a nursing theme logo.

It consists of a large compartment designed to accommodate most Littman stethoscopes – or any other stethoscope brand as long as their dimensions respect Littman’s.  A mesh pocket on the other side is ideal for storing a bandage scissor set, reflex hammers, and other accessories.

A convenient handle makes it easy to carry, or you can even fit it in your scrub’s pocket or in a bag. The external dimensions of the case are 10.87 x 4.18 x 2.72 inches.

Stylish and durable, this case is also shockproof and semi-waterproof. Zipper closure makes it easy to access the contents quickly in case of emergency and keeps them securely inside when you don’t need them.

5. RISEMART Nursing Scissors and Pen Light

Every nurse needs a good pair of bandage scissors, and if they come with a penlight, that’s even better. This set from RISEMART has both, and it’s one of the greatest gifts for nurses. Packed in a stylish box, the set comprises a pair of bandage scissors, a penlight, and two AAA batteries.

The scissors are made from quality stainless steel coated with black fluoride. Its bent and angled tip will make it easy to cut bandages or garments whenever needed, as they are also safe to use as trauma scissors.

They come with a serrated bottom edge that can cut even through the toughest materials, including jeans. A strong plastic handle with wide fingered grip lets you grab and use it quickly and easily, without effort.

The penlight has a metallic bright blue finish and features a convenient clip. You can keep it securely in a pocket and grab it easily. It’s the perfect size to hold securely and even has a pupil gauge. It comes with quality batteries that will last for quite some time, and both items are packed in a beautiful gift box.

6. Burton Nurse 12 Oz Coffee Mug

We all need a vital liquid to keep us awake throughout the day, such as delicious tea or coffee. And what better gift for a nurse working long hours than a funny coffee mug? While there are literally dozens of options out there, we really like this one from Burton.

The mug is made from hand-painted ceramic, a detail that makes it unique. The exquisite design will make it stand out on the ward, and we also love the uplifting phrase that reads I’m a nurse. What’s your superpower?

Regarding the color palette, the yellow background on the mug’s exterior matches perfectly with the pink polka dots, green interior, and green and white striped handle. The cardboard gift box has a coordinated design, enhancing the value of this gift even more.

The mug is dishwasher and microwave safe, and all materials involved in its manufacturing are FDA-approved as food-grade.

7. MIP 17oz Stemless Wine Glass

Do you know what’s best than coffee during a long shift? Wine when you finally get home. So, why don’t you give your favorite nurse a funny wine tumbler?

One she’ll undoubtedly like is this one from MIP. This stemless glass comes with an RN registered nurse side marked with healthcare symbols and scale lines on the other side that will help the nurse pour the right quantity of liquid based on what type of day she had.

It has a capacity of 17 ounces, is 4.5 inches tall and has a max diameter of 3.5 inches.

Made in the USA from high-quality glass, the tumbler comes in a stylish gift box. The design may seem a bit too light to see at first, but it looks amazing when the glass is full. If you don’t like the tumbler design, know that the manufacturer also proposes a stemmed wine glass with the same decoration.

8. EatRite Nurses Insulated Lunch Tote Bag

We know that you have to see it to believe it, but the truth is that nurses eat too. A lunch tote bag, therefore, can make a thoughtful gift for any nurse. The EatRite Lunch Tote Bag is a great option thanks to its features and design.

Its greatest feature is the insulation that will prevent the food from getting too cold or too hot throughout the day. Compared to other lunch bags, this one is roomy. It’s also made from stretchy fabric that will fit any extra goodies.

A sturdy bottom will also keep the bag upright. You can use it for much more than sandwiches, and will never have to worry about spilled water or soup.

It also comes with a reinforced zipper that will prevent sneaky eyes from taking a look at your goodies. The fabric is also machine washable, just make sure to never tumble dry it.

Stylish and fashionable, the bag also impresses with a beautiful design. White polka dots on a black background and nursing themed details make it a lovely gift for a lady nurse or nursing school graduate.

9. Applegate Protective Lab Coat Pocket Organizer Kit

The Applegate Protective Lab Coat Pocket Organizer is a great kit for both scientists and nurses. Because two pockets are never enough to accommodate all the items you may have to carry throughout the day.

Coming in a range of colors and styles, it’s made from tough 600D polyester and comes with a host of interesting accessories.

The organizer features a front pocket with flap and Velcro closure that is ideal for a badge, credit card, or some cash. Two large slip pockets provide further storage space for pens, scissors, or calculators.

It also has a convenient keychain and a rear slip pocket where you can store doctor cards or other essentials.

The organizer is meant to fit in your scrub or lab coat pocket, so it doesn’t come with a belt loop. However, it does come with two detachable Velcro loops designed to help you identify the instruments.

Regarding the accessories, this kit comprises a 5.5-inch stainless steel bandage scissors, a penlight with pupil sizing scale, two AAA batteries, a transparent acrylic ruler, and two markers, a fine black tip and a chisel fluorescent one. All packed in a stylish gift box.

10. Burt’s Bees Classics Gift Set v

The last on our list of best gifts for nurses but also one of our favorites, the Burt’s Bees Classics Gift Set comes with everything a nurse might need for intensive skincare.

We love that all products included are perfect for addressing the most common skin issues nurses might face. This set includes a lemon butter cuticle cream and Shea butter hand repair cream that will help treat eczema, dry skin, and itchiness.

A hand salve provides further nourishment and is ideal for treating severely damaged skin. Also included is a coconut foot cream, a res-q ointment and beeswax lip balm.

As you could expect from Burt’s Bees, all cosmetics in this set are made from natural ingredients and contain no harmful chemicals. They come packed in a stylish and reusable tin box, and they can undoubtedly make any nurse happy.

11. Vibrant All in ONE Tea Infuser Bottle & Insulated HOT Coffee Thermos

This is a great gift for anyone who drinks tea, but especially if it’s a nurse who drinks tea! This thermos allows you to steep tea and drink it at the same time, while also keeping it nice and warm for up to 12 hours, which is great for those nurses who need to spread out their caffeine intake over a long period of time. Moreover, many nurses simply don’t have the time to enjoy their cup of tea in one go.

The stainless steel vacuum insulated bottle comes with a 2-piece steeper. You can steep your tea for as long as you like, drinking it while it steeps if you so desire. Remove one piece and you have a strainer for quick fruit infusion. Remove that piece and you have a simple coffee thermos that keeps your roast nice and warm throughout your shift.

This thermos isn’t limited to just hot drinks. It can also keep drinks cold for up to 32 hours. THe material is BPA free, so you don’t need to worry about your drink sitting in the bottle for a long period of time absorbing harmful chemicals. Even further, the matte finish makes this great for those who need to sip-and-go, as the grip is non-slip so there’s less chance you’ll drop it in your rush. Furthermore, the matte finish provides a classy sleek appearance that will look good anywhere you go.

Overall, this is one of the best gifts for nurses, or even anyone who loves tea. It’s highly functional and they can either take it to work, use it at home, or both!

12. InnoGear Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser

It’s probably fairly obvious that this isn’t a gift a nurse will use on the job, but their recovery time is just as important. This gift for the home can help a nurse rest and relax, making the most of their time off, improving their mental well-being, and helping them get good rest and sleep before their next shift.

The InnoGear is one of the most popular aromatherapy products on available due to its great value and excellent performance. It runs really quietly and is really easy to use, and it will shut off automatically when it is out of water, so you don’t waste power or risk it burning out.

This diffuser will help humidify the room while also providing an aromatic scent that can selected based on your mood or needs, such as relaxation. It will release the mist either continuously or intermittently depending on how long you want it to last and how strong you want the scent to be in the room.

It’s not just the ability to release an aromatic scent that can help you relax, but it also comes with 7 different types of lighting, whereby it basically just glows in that color, so you can select your color depending on the surrounding furniture or simply what you want to look at.

13. HoMedics Sound Spa Relaxation Machine

This HoMedics Sound Spa Relaxation Machine is a popular item for those who like to maximize their relaxation at home. It’s a great gift for a nurse who lives in the city and would simply like to enjoy a beverage without the same old sounds of traffic and neighbors. It can pair nicely with a calming tea, but even playing it as you kick your feet up while enjoying a beer or wine can be great, too, especially before turning on the TV and restimulating yourself all over again.

The machine itself is really easy to use and comes with a variety of calming sounds. Fundamentally, the sounds aren’t long recordings of a particular environment, but rather, they are short recordings and sounds of such settings that play in a loop. Not to worry, they do a great job with the transition so you can’t even notice and it ends up sounding like a long recording. The subtle repetition can also be nice if you’re trying to close your eyes and get a little sleep.

The machine has timers so that if you plan on falling asleep you don’t have to worry about wasting energy. It runs on either a power adapter or batteries and has adjustable volume. Perhaps the biggest downside is that it doesn’t have a head phone jack, but we don’t find that to be a huge deal. Some customers have found it breaks after a little more than a year’s use, but with a one-year warranty, you’re good for at leas that amount of time and likely more.

14. O’Keeffe’s Working Hands Hand Cream

This is another hand cream that’s great for nurses or anyone else who is constantly washing their hands or working outdoors. It’s not so much a nice fancy product like the Neutrogena Norwegian Formula hand cream, but is just as good, if not better, at healing cut, scratched, dry, and irritated hands.

This hand cream is often marketed to those in outdoor laborious professions who are constantly tearing their hands apart. This doesn’t mean it isn’t good for more casual use, rather, it’s one of the only hand creams out there for those individuals, so it’s a smart strategy. This is also a great hand cream for nurses, as it is completely odorless, non-greasy, hypo-allergenic, and works on all skin types.

O’Keefe’s Working Hands hand cream works by immediately supplying the skin with necessary hydration, then it forms a layer to further protect the skin and ensuring no further moisture loss. While this hand cream can be applied anytime, most people use it before bed as a healing cream, rather than everyday use and constant re-application throughout the day. Therefore, it may not be the best thing to carry around all the time, but it certainly works anytime. It can even be applied to open cuts without any sort of irritation, while still accelerating healing.

Overall, this is definitely one of the best healing hand creams for nurses, especially considering it’s completely odorless, non-greasy, and hypo-allergenic. As such, it would be a good gift for a nurse who is trying to maintain their hands. What’s even more surprising is the very low cost. I feel like they could charge more. Nevertheless, that’s one of the reasons people really like this hand cream.

Therefore, we would recommend this hand cream as a gift for nurses who need something a little more advanced for the healing of cracked hands. It may not be the most practical to carry around at work, but it’s definitely worth it to have around at home.

Gifts for Nurses Buying Guide

If you want to buy a gift for someone close to you, such as a friend or family member, things are quite straightforward. You know their taste and can choose accordingly. But what if you want to buy thank you gifts for nurses that took care of you or someone close to you? What would be appropriate?

Here are a few rules to follow if you want to respect the etiquette.

  • Don’t buy something too expensive. If you’re not friends, a too expensive gift is inappropriate, and the nurse might refuse it. Stick to a price range between $10 and $50 to stay on the safe side.
  • Don’t buy something too personal. Keep the present as general as possible, to avoid any awkward moments or the nurse refusing your gift. Shoes for nurses for instance a very personal choice and rarely make a meaningful gift.
  • Don’t buy something too professional. Items such as a stethoscope or reflex hammer come in various types, and the needs of each nurse may be different. If you’re not an expert or know exactly what instrument she might need, avoid this type of gifts.

So, what are the best gifts for nurses? Here are a few ideas:

  • Personal use items: Coffee mugs, water bottles, compression socks, or a lunch bag could be ideal. A badge holder or keychain with a cute message are also appropriate gifts.
  • Small professional items: It’s hard to go wrong with a pair of scissors or a penlight. They all have similar designs and are not expensive. An instrument case is a nice alternative.
  • Skincare products: All nurses will appreciate a good hand or foot cream. To play it safe, go for products made from natural ingredients that are unlikely to cause allergies.