Best Penlights For Nurses – 2021 Reviews

The Best Penlights for Nurses are what you might consider a “nursing essential tool”. When it comes to providing patient care, you definitely want to make sure that you’re comfortable with the equipment that is used. The handle of your penlight for nurses should give you a good grip, and the beam width should be focused so you can see what needs checking. Hopefully this list of my picks for best penlights for nurses will help make your search for the best nursing penlight a little easier.

Our Top Choices for Penlights for Nurses in 2021

1. RISEMART Nurse Penlight

This set of diagnostic penlights by RISEMART are an excellent choice if you’re looking for utmost value for money. It comprises two high-quality penlights, a black and a silver one, both of which are made to withstand frequent use.

The main difference between these penlights for nurses and cheaper alternatives is the choice of materials and smart design features.

Regarding the materials, these penlights are made from durable aluminum alloy that resists shocks and withstands rougher use. An elastic rubber switch increases the pushing force, preventing you from switching on the pen accidentally.

The pocket clip looks cheap, but it’s surprisingly resistant, allowing you to keep the pen secured on your pocket.

Ideal for all sorts of medical checks, the pens come with two kinds of light. The white light is ideal for checking the throat, nose, or ears of a patient – just perfect for nurses working in maternity, pediatric, or ENT wards. For emergency wards or ophthalmologic inspections, simply replace the white light with its warm light counterpart – included in the pack – to check the eyes.

Both pens have convenient pupil gauges printed on their body for quick eye checks. Regardless of what bulb you use, the concave design of the heads protects the bulbs from accidental breakage due to dropping.

Resistant and very easy to operate, these penlights are the perfect choice for most nurses, doctors, and other healthcare professionals.

2. Primacare DL-9223

Nurses looking for a high-value yet cheaper alternative to our top pick might like the Primacare disposable penlight with pupil gauge.

This simple model comes in a set of six. The pens are less resistant compared to the RISEMART above, and you won’t be able to change the bulb or the batteries when drained, but they are cheap and can deliver years of dependable use.

All pens included in this set are identical. They’re made from white plastic and have warm, dim light. Ideal for inspecting the eyes, but perhaps not bright enough for throat, nose, and ear checks.

A sturdy metal clip has a dual function. It acts as a switch, and you can also use it to attach the pen to your pocket. Pupil gauges on the body of the pen make inspection easier, as you can easily assess your patient’s status.

While the pens are great overall, we don’t really like the bulb and head design, which makes it easy for the bulb to break if you accidentally drop the unit. That said, this set still brings excellent bang for the buck and is a great alternative for everyone on a tight budget.

3. RISEMART Trauma Shears and Pen Light

Two essential instruments ER nurses need are trauma shears and penlights. RISEMART knows it, that’s why this set comprises both tools.

Starting with the trauma shears, you can expect high-quality bandage scissors with angled bent tip. This design makes it safe for removing clothes from the patient’s wounds as well as medical bandages without fearing you’ll injure the patient.

A milled serration edge and stainless steel blade bring the strength and sharpness you need to cut through different materials, including leather and jeans.

Comfortable to hold, the scissors boast a wide-fingered grip and high-impact plastic handle.

The penlight, on the other hand, boasts all the features present on our top pick. It’s made from lightweight yet durable aluminum alloy and has a sturdy metal clip. A concave head protects the bulb from breaking, while removable batteries and light head make it reusable.

The bright blue color of the pen also makes it easy to spot in the pocket. No doubt, this set is a great gift for yourself or your nurse friend.

4. Opoway Nurse Penlight

This penlight from Opoway might have a pupil gauge, but it’s more suitable for nurses working for pediatric and ENT wards rather than ER due to its bright, white light.

That said, the penlight impresses with its features and quality. Like the RISEMART, it’s a reusable instrument made from a lightweight, aluminum alloy body. The metal clip allows for handy storage in your pocket or onto a lanyard, while the convenient on/off button is really easy to press.

Besides a pupil gauge, the pen also has a ruler chart printed on its body, but sadly it doesn’t have a removable light head.

Thanks to the high-quality bulb involved, though, you’ll get about 3,000 hours of dependable use.

Just pay attention to hold the pen tightly when checking on your patients, as the light bulb can easily break if you accidentally drop it.

Despite these downsides, the pen is small, portable, and affordable. It comes in a set of two and brings fantastic value for money.

5. Primacare DL-9224

The Primacare DL-9224 penlights are not so different from their DL-9223 counterpart reviewed above. They also come in a set of six and are disposable; the main difference between the two is the bright choice of colors that lets you express your personality.

Ideal for most medical checks, these disposable penlights have a sealed concentric beam and pinpoint lens designed to illuminate the eyes, ears, and throat. A pupil gauge printed on the body of the penlight makes it easy to determine the pupil size.

Regardless of the pen color you use, you’ll get a warm light tone. The dual-function pocket clip not only lets you activate the light; it also enhances portability.

Lightweight and easy to carry, the pens are made from high-quality, molded plastic. You won’t be able to replace the batteries or light bulbs, but you can expect a pen to last for quite some time. These instruments also have a concentric head design that protects the bulbs from breaking due to accidental dropping.

Slightly more expensive than their DL-9223 version, but undoubtedly more attractive, these penlights for nurses are great to pair with your mood, ward color code, or scrub.

6. Weltool M6-Dr

Designed with ophthalmologists and optometrists in mind, the Weltool M6-Dr is an excellent choice for ophthalmology or ER nurses, and a variety of features make it a star.

Perhaps the best feature is the LED light bulb that is not only more durable than a standard light bulb, but that emits an even beam that produces no blue light harm. Indeed, the 3000K color temperature and 85% color rendering index allows for a proper examination and eliminates the risk of misleading diagnostics produced by glaring light.

Replaceable battery and pen head enhance this product’s value, while the 4.5 lumens output reduces eye damage and protects both the user and the patient’s vision.

The pen is small, portable, and incredibly durable. It’s made from anodized aerospace-grade aluminum alloy and has an optical glass lens. Reverse polarity protection further reduces the possibility of causing any eye damage, while the IP65 waterproof rating even makes it perfect for nurses working on ambulances and first aid units.

Robust construction ensure impact resistance, while a steel clip secures the pen to your pocket.

This medical penlight also has indicators in inches for close-up inspections and is, without a doubt, one of the best penlights for nurses on the market.

7. CAVN Medical Penlight

Another set of penlights ideal for ENT nurses comes from CAVN. It’s similar to RISEMART up to a point, although there are also some fundamental differences between the two.

This set of two pens is suitable for women nurses due to the pen colors. Indeed, one is a bright violet and the other a hot pink. Both colors are very attractive, though, and could also be a great choice for pediatric nurses.

Design-wise, these pens look almost like the RISEMART. The LED light bulb delivers a strong beam, but the white light makes them less suitable for ophthalmologic use.

An important design difference between these pens and the RISEMART is the exposed light bulb on the CAVN. This style ensures a wider beam, which is a great thing, but it also means the bulbs are very likely to break if you accidentally drop the instrument.

Luckily, the manufacturer sells penlight heads separately, so you can easily get a replacement whenever needed.

Another difference is the lack of batteries in the package. While this could be seen as a downside, we recommend buying your own batteries anyway, to prevent poor quality cells from ruining your pen.

Apart from this, the pens are made from high-quality aluminum alloy; they are also lightweight and easy to carry. No doubt, another great choice for the money.


MDF is one of the most popular manufacturers of medical diagnostic instruments, and one of the best penlights for nurses comes from them. The LUMINIX ILLUMINATOR is a professional diagnostic penlight designed for all nurses and doctors.

Featuring a wide-beam warm LED light, it’s safe to use for eye examination and not only. A pupil gauge reference and ruler printed on the body make it easier to reach a diagnostic, while the simple construction makes it extremely easy to use.

Like most professional penlights, the unit has a convenient on/off button on the top and boasts a durable metal construction. It’s not made of aluminum, but copper is equally lightweight and resistant.

A non-slip surface enhances grip and gives this instrument a luxurious feel. Furthermore, the replaceable head and batteries make it reusable.

The MDF penlight doesn’t come with batteries, but that’s hardly an issue. It requires two standard AAA batteries and boasts a long lifespan. Whether you need a new addition to your nursing kit or look for the perfect nurse gift, this quality penlight might be it.

9. EdisonBright Nitecore MT06MD

EdisonBright Nitecore is one of the most versatile penlights for nurses, the perfect addition to your work kit. Whether you need a soft penlight for eye inspection or a brighter beam for spotting wounds and injuries, this instrument packs all you need.

More than a penlight, this is a convenient flashlight with a maximum lumen output of 180. At this brightness, the pen really acts like a mini flashlight that allows you to spot milder or more severe injuries if you work in ER or as a first responder.

A reverse rear switch design allows for convenient, one-hand operation, and you can choose from three brightness modes.

We like that the pen always turns on in the low 4-lumen mode. This feature ensures you’ll be able to check vitals such as the pupil reflex without damaging your patient’s vision. Two other modes, of 45 and 180 lumens, provide sufficient light for spotting injuries.

The pen is made from anodized aluminum, a lightweight material that makes it easy to carry. A stainless steel clip lets you secure it to your scrub’s or white coat’s pocket, and the bundle also includes two alkaline batteries.

Sure, all these features will cost you, but all in all, this is the best penlight for nurses working in emergency wards or for the ambulance service.

10. Streamlight Stylus Pro

Unlike the other penlights on this list, the Stylus Pro from Streamlight was not built specifically for medical use. Nevertheless, it’s a great choice for first responders and ENT nurses who have to check ears, nose, and throat, but who’ll never point the light into someone’s eyes.

Indeed, the 100 lumens white LED light makes this pen perfect to use in a variety of circumstances. It runs for approximately 8 hours on a set of batteries, and it’s particularly useful for checking wounds or injuries if you work as a first responder.

An IPX4 rating ensures it’s water-resistant, and the unit is also tested for impact resistance.

Regarding its size, the penlight is slightly larger than the other options on our list, but it still fits in a nurse scrub pocket perfectly. A metal clip and lightweight, machined aluminum construction ensure durability.

This compact pen requires two alkaline batteries and features a tail cap switch that allows you to choose from a momentary or constant-on operation. Available in a variety of colors, the Stylus Pro is also available in a USB-rechargeable variant, with or without AC adapter.

No doubt, a versatile choice and the best penlight for first responders as well as ER or ambulance nurses looking for a reliable device like a good pulse oximeter.