Best Pulse Oximeter For Nurses – 2022 Reviews And Guide

Our Top 10 List for Best Pulse Oximeter for Nurses in 2022

1. Mibest OLED Finger Pulse Oximeter

mibest OLED Finger Pulse Oximeter, O2 Meter, Dual Color White/Luxury Gold
3,998 Reviews
mibest OLED Finger Pulse Oximeter, O2 Meter, Dual Color White/Luxury Gold
  • EASY TO USE: Our pulse oxygen monitor is easy to use and has an efficient One Button Operation. Our SPO2...
  • LUXURY AND RELIABILITY: Our accurate dual color oximeter has SpO2 waveforms in 4 directions, 6 display modes,...
  • OUT OF BOX READY: Our portable oxygen saturation machine comes with Instruction manual, 2 AAA alkaline...

Mibest is one of the best pulse oximeters for nurses looking for an affordable yet reliable device. Super easy to use, it has an efficient one-button operation, and it can spot check both the pulse and blood oxygen saturation.

The monitor cannot substitute a more accurate medical device, but it can be a great help in emergency situations; suitable for all ages, it can be used for pediatric and adult patients alike.

This portable machine comes with all needed to use straight out of the box. Its greatest strength is the large dual-color OLED screen. Large digits and multidirectional display make it very easy to read. Furthermore, you can even choose from 10 levels of brightness.

Apart from the pulse rate and oxygen saturation levels, the device also displays a pulse bar graph and the battery level.

Included accessories such as a detachable lanyard, carrying case, and two AAA batteries bring further value for money. Backed by a 12-month warranty, the Mibest is an excellent pulse oximeter for your nursing kit (also consider our top picks for nurse penlights here).

2. Santamedical Generation 2

Santamedical Generation 2 Fingertip Pulse Oximeter Oximetry Blood Oxygen Saturation Monitor with Batteries and...
11,487 Reviews
Santamedical Generation 2 Fingertip Pulse Oximeter Oximetry Blood Oxygen Saturation Monitor with Batteries and...
  • VERY ACCURATE READINGS - Our pulse oximeter has been clinically tested and consistently beat other pulse...
  • FAST AND EASY OXIMETER READINGS - Taking your oxygen and pulse readings with this digital oximeter is as...
  • BRIGHT & COMPACT - Bright OLED display allows clear reading in dark, inside home or in bright sunlight. Oxygen...

Similar to but slightly more expensive than our top pick, the Santamedical Generation 2 is another great choice for most nurses. Like the Mibest, it’s designed for sports and aviation use, but it comes as a great alternative to a proper medical device on emergency situations or for nursing students.

This newly upgraded model impresses with a precise pulse rate and blood oxygen saturation measurements. It returns the results incredibly quickly, and you can use it to get a general overview of your patient’s vitals.

The device is not only precise and reliable; it’s also very easy to use. Just place it on the fingertip and press the on/off button.

Results are displayed on the large OLED in real-time. Clear indicators of both SpO2 and pulse rate in beats per minute help you see all data you need at a glimpse. Furthermore, the monitor incorporates a low battery level indicator.

Typically, you’ll get around 30 hours of continuous monitoring on one set of batteries, while the auto power-off feature helps save the battery life even when you forget the device turned on.

Backed by a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty, this pulse oximeter comes with all needed accessories and delivers years of reliable service.

3. Lovia Pulse Oximeter

Pulse Oximeter, Pulse Oximeter Fingertip Blood Saturation Oxygen Sensor with with LED Display Portable SpO2 PR...
212 Reviews
Pulse Oximeter, Pulse Oximeter Fingertip Blood Saturation Oxygen Sensor with with LED Display Portable SpO2 PR...
  • The pulse oximeter is easy to use and has an efficient one-button operation. Our SPO2 sensor will check and...
  • Determine your SPO2 and Pulse Rate in 10 seconds or less displayed on its large digital red LED display.
  • SPORT/HEALTH ENTHUSIASTS - For sports enthusiasts like mountain climbers, skiers, bikers or any sports...

Part of Lovia’s Black Series collection, this pulse oximeter is another accurate and trustworthy device to consider.

It’s as accurate as an expensive hospital unit, but comes at a fraction of the price. Perfect for caregivers, midwives, and nurses visiting patients at home, this small and easy to carry item can help you accurately determine the pulse rate and strength as well as the blood oxygen saturation levels.

Unlike our two top picks, Lovia doesn’t come with the batteries. We wouldn’t call it a downside, but just remember to buy them separately if you plan to use the oximeter as soon as you get it.

Apart from this slight drawback, the device is as easy to use as the other oximeters on this list.

Simply insert the patient’s finger and align it with the red light, press the button on the switch, and wait for the reading. You’ll get the results in about 5 seconds, and the unit will turn itself off automatically shortly after the finger leaves the oximeter.

In terms of accuracy, the SpO2 range has an accuracy of ±2% and a resolution of ±1%. The pulse rate is expressed both in beats per minute as well as in waveform when the oximeter is placed horizontally.

Ideal for detecting heart rate abnormalities, the pulse rate monitor has a range between 30 and 250 beats per minute and an accuracy of ±2%.

4. AccuMed Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

AccuMed Fingertip Pulse Oximeter, Sp02 Finger Blood Pulse Oxygen Monitor, w/Carrying case, Lanyard Silicon Case &...
2,439 Reviews
AccuMed Fingertip Pulse Oximeter, Sp02 Finger Blood Pulse Oxygen Monitor, w/Carrying case, Lanyard Silicon Case &...
  • FAST & CONVENIENT READINGS: SpO2 and Pulse Rate are graphed on the bright LED display. The LED display cover...
  • LOW POWER CONSUMPTION: Equipped with two AAA batteries, the oximeter automatically powers off when not in use...

Designed for home use, exercise, and travel, this fingertip pulse oximeter by AccuMed is an excellent choice for nurses on a low budget. Like the other oximeters on this list, it’s an accurate device ideal for home monitoring of a patient’s vitals as well as a learning device for the nursing school.

Weighing only 50 grams including the batteries, the unit comes with its own travel case and a neck lanyard for easy access anytime.

It comes in three variants, with or without a rotating LED display. We like the version with a rotating screen that allows you to read the SpO2 and pulse rate results in both portrait and landscape mode.

An auto-rotation sensor detects the hand movement and switches from one mode to another automatically.

Not as fast as the Lovia but more accurate, the AccuMed oximeter returns the results in about 10 seconds. An automatic switch-off saves the battery’s life, and you can expect up to 32 hours of uninterrupted runtime.

Designed to fit most finger sizes, this oximeter is ideal for both adults and pediatric patients above four years of age. Just what you need for learning or practice.

5. Zacurate Pro Series 500DL

Zacurate Pro Series 500DL Fingertip Pulse Oximeter Blood Oxygen Saturation Monitor with Silicon Cover, Batteries...
38,685 Reviews
Zacurate Pro Series 500DL Fingertip Pulse Oximeter Blood Oxygen Saturation Monitor with Silicon Cover, Batteries...
  • ACCURATE AND RELIABLE - Accurately determine your SpO2 (blood oxygen saturation levels), pulse rate and pulse...
  • FULL SPO2 VALUE - The ONLY LED pulse oximeter that can read and display up to 100% for SpO2.
  • SPORT/HEALTH ENTHUSIASTS - For sports enthusiasts like mountain climbers, skiers, bikers or anyone interested...

Next entry on our list, the Zacurate Pro Series 500DL, is ideal for nurses working in dermatology or pediatric wards. Its greatest feature is the hypoallergenic material that makes it suitable to use on most people.

Indeed, the interior of the device is made from medical-grade silicone and contains no latex, so it triggers virtually no allergies or hypersensitive reactions.

Apart from its hypoallergenic construction, the unit is also very accurate. You can use it to determine the pulse rate, pulse strength, and SpO2 levels, with the results conveniently displayed on the large LED screen.

We also like that it displays up to 100% for SpO2. This is a rare feature on most oximeters, so it’s nice to know you have this option.

A slight downside is the rather large finger chamber. While it could be seen as a plus, the truth is that it’s not really suitable for smaller fingers. For this reason, it’s only recommended to use on kids 12 years old or above.

On the brighter side, the smart spring system of the finger chamber makes it really easy to use.

Like most oximeters on this list, this one comes with batteries and an array of other accessories. The display is not the most visible out there but shows all relevant information. And we also like the unit’s bright, bold color.

6. Santamedical Deluxe SM-110

Another Santamedical pulse oximeter that has made it to our list is the Deluxe SM-110. Slightly older than Generation 2, it has a smaller and less technologically-advanced display, but it’s impressively accurate and a great choice for nursing students.

Like the Gen 2 above, this device delivers fast readings of the SpO2 levels as well as accurate pulse measurements. The results are displayed on the conveniently large LED screen, but the choice of colors make it less visible than the Gen 2.

Indeed, the red digits on black background don’t boast the same readability as yellow and bright blue.

The screen doesn’t rotate either, so you might find it a bit difficult to actually read the values.

Despite these minor drawbacks, the monitor is quite popular, mainly due to the perfectly sized finger slot that makes it suitable for both children and adults.

As Santamedical already accustomed us, the oximeter comes with accessories including carrying soft case with belt loop, neck or wrist cord, and instructions manual. All you have to add is the batteries, and the Deluxe SM-110 is ready to go.

7. Concord Sapphire

Concord Health Supplies is one of the global leaders in pulse oximetry. Based in Chicago, the brand supplies pulse oximeters manufactured to the USA standards, and that are ideal for both pediatric and adult use.

Concord Sapphire is one of their most popular models. It’s similar to the Santamedical Deluxe but has a 2-way rotating display that makes reading faster and more efficient.

The device comes with all needed to use it straight out of the box, including the batteries. Low energy requirements deliver about 30 hours of continuous use, and an auto-off function turns the unit off 8 seconds after the finger is removed, for enhanced battery management.

Like most oximeters, the Sapphire has a low battery indicator, and it accurately measures both the blood oxygen saturation and the pulse rate and strength.

Similar to Santamedical Deluxe, Concord Sapphire boasts a large bright red LED display that allows you to read the measurements in all light conditions. It’s not as bright as the dual-color displays other oximeters have, but it’s not too bad either if you’re not using it in direct sunlight.

The oximeter comes with a two-year warranty, 100% money-back warranty, and is available in four attractive colors.

8. ATMOKO Pulse Oximeter

This pulse oximeter by ATMOKO might not be the cheapest on this list, but it’s still affordable and very practical.

Besides accuracy and reliability, the unit boasts a convenient multi-directional OLED display with adjustable brightness. Dual colors on display make it very easy to read the measurements, while the larger-than-average screen offers four different layout options.

This makes it very easy for nurses and caregivers to find the most suitable layout and even allows you to read your own pulse rate and blood oxygen saturation level.

Layout apart, we also like the adjustable brightness. This feature is very important, especially if you want to measure the pulse during the night but don’t want to disturb your patient.

The finger chamber also impresses with its quality. It’s made from FDA and CE-approved silicone material; it’s hypoallergenic and can accommodate smaller and bigger fingers alike.

The unit measures the hemoglobin saturation, pulse rate, and pulse strength in about 10 seconds, and it can be operated continuously for about 30 hours.

Lightweight, portable, and reliable, this is undoubtedly one of the best pulse oximeters for nurses to add to your arsenal.

9. Innovo Deluxe

Ideal for nursing students and not only, the Innovo Deluxe is designed to help you leave all guesswork out of the game. It’s greatest strength is the plethysmograph and perfusion index that tells you if you measure the vitals correctly.

Thanks to this function, you won’t have to wonder whether the readings are correct or why you receive no readings.

Needless to say, this function makes it perfect for students, inexperienced nurses, as well as people who want to measure their own pulse and blood oxygen saturation from the comfort of their home.

Besides this feature, another nice one is the auditory beep for every detectable pulse and the alarm that warns you when the values are beyond set limits.

Design-wise, the unit presents a multi-directional display with six layout options and looks sleeker, more professional than other finger oximeters.

With a pulse range between 25 and 250 beats per minute and an accuracy of ±2%, the device is suitable to use on kids 12 years old or above as well as adults, and you can expect up to 40 hours of continuous use on one set of batteries.

10. Clinical Guard CMS 50-DL

The Clinical Guard CMS 50-DL is the last entry on our list, a cheap yet reliable device designed for home use but also ideal for nurses. Like the other oximeters above, it determines both the oxyhemoglobin and pulse rate, giving you the results in about 8 seconds.

Packed with accessories, it comes with two batteries, a protective case, and a lanyard that lets you conveniently carry the unit around your neck or on your wrist.

The pulse rate range is not as wide as Innovo’s, but 30-250 beats per minute is still a satisfactory range. Furthermore, the resolution and accuracy are in-line even with the most expensive units, making this device a great choice.

You’ll have to compromise on the display quality, though. The screen is a bit smaller than the average, and the monochromatic display has red digits on a black background. It’s not as fancier as the dual-color displays but still includes all the necessary information.

All in all, this is an accurate, reliable device and perhaps the best pulse oximeter for nurses on a tight budget.