Best Shoes For Nurses With Plantar Fasciitis – 2022 Reviews And Guide

Our Top Choices for Shoes for Nurses with Plantar Fasciitis

1. Skechers Loving Life Memory Foam Sneaker

Nurses with plantar fasciitis looking for a pair of pretty, colorful shoes might simply fall in love with the Loving Life sneaker from Sketchers. Its name says it all – this is a shoe made to help you get rid of all pain, so you can start loving your nursing life again.

Its biggest advantage is the memory foam insole. Don’t be fooled by the initial stiffness, as this stuff will adapt to the contour of your foot and help soothe all soreness.

Not only this sneaker is great for nurses with plantar fasciitis, but the insole also makes it a great choice for those with Achilles tendonitis.

Besides the outstanding insole, the Flex groove outsole is amazing too. Indeed, the grooves provide flexible support when walking, allowing for a natural, fluid movement.

We also like the breathable mesh upper with bungee laces and slip-on design. This sneaker is easy to put on and take off, and the laces let you achieve a looser or snugger fit, according to your needs.

The only thing we don’t really like is that the faux leather reinforcement, as well as the mesh fabric, looks a bit flimsy. But then, we wouldn’t expect these shoes to last a lifetime considering the price tag.

All in all, Loving Life bring true value for money and truly are some of the best shoes for nurses with plantar fasciitis you can find.

2. Skechers Work Sure Track Nursing Shoes

If you don’t really like Love Life’s neon colors on the lace and outsole but need a shoe with similar characteristics, the Skechers Work Trickel could be a perfect substitute. Made for hospitality and healthcare professionals, this sneaker doesn’t have bright accents of color but maintains the same flex outsole and memory foam insole present on the Love Life.

These details make it ideal for nurses with plantar fasciitis, but just like the Love Life, the Trickel doesn’t provide adequate arch support to those with flat feet.

That said, there are a bunch of things that make this shoe a winner. For one, we like the leather upper that keeps your feet protected from any nasty spills. Breathability is slightly hindered by the material, but a good moisture-wicking sock paired with the shoe can do the trick.

Another nice thing is the low-cut, relaxed fit design that allows for a custom fit for both narrower and wider feet. Furthermore, a traditional lace-up closure lets you reach the desired level of comfort.

Ideal to wear in professional environments, the Trickel also impresses with a slip-resistant outsole that improves traction and stability on smooth floors. A tad more expensive than the Love Life but also more durable, this is another excellent choice.

3. ASICS Women’s GEL-Venture 5 Shoe

Moving forward with our list, ASICS GEL-Venture 5 is ideal for nurses looking for a reliable tennis shoe. The model wasn’t built for people with foot issues, but it comes with a removable footbed that allows you to wear it with custom orthotics.

This feature makes it a great shoe for nurses with plantar fasciitis or tendonitis, as well as those with flat feet.

While the removable sockliner can accommodate the necessary inserts, the gel cushioning system in the midsole absorbs shocks and enhances comfort when standing or walking for a long time.

A trail-specific outsole delivers multi-surface traction thanks to the high-abrasion rubber coating. Furthermore, the shoe is also attractive from an aesthetic point of view. An array of bright colors and the combination of mesh and synthetic leather upper looks great and promotes breathability.

Comfort is also ensured by the padded tongue and collar, as well as the traditional lace-up design that allows you to easily find the right fit.

4. Gravity Defyer G-Defy Mighty Walk Shoe

The Gravity Defyer Mighty Walk is one of the few athletic nurse shoes designed specifically for those with plantar fasciitis or other foot issues, and according to their wearers, they truly work wonders in relieving pain and keeping your feet happy for hours.

One of the best features is the VersoShock technology that incorporates a patented spring system developed to absorb shocks and convert them into positive energy. In other words, you can walk for hours on all kinds of surfaces without being too bothered about soreness or pain.

Made specifically to correct foot issues, the shoe comes with three types of inserts; the comfort fit footbed is ideal for people with mild to no issues, and a great choice for nurses who want to prevent plantar fasciitis.

As the name suggests, these inserts are designed to provide ultimate comfort and adapt to the curves of your foot to achieve that.

Those needing a bit more support might find the corrective inserts more comfortable, while a yellow insert can go under the chosen footbed if the shoe feels too large.

Besides all these insole choices, you can also opt to use the shoes with a custom orthotic insert to treat your problem even faster. Regardless of your choice, the front rocker sole also contributes to relieving pain and correcting the issue.

Breathability is ensured by the mesh upper, while reinforced toe and heel areas ensure durability. No doubt, a great choice for most healthcare professionals.

5. Orthofeet Plantar Fasciitis Orthopedic Sneakers

Another pair of shoes designed specifically to treat plantar fasciitis and other foot ailments comes from Orthofeet. This sneaker is an ideal choice for those who want a more fashionable look, but that can still deliver the expected support.

The first impression is that of a lightweight sneaker with ergonomic sole and air cushioning – two features designed to protect your feet from the impact hard floors can have on your heel and arch areas.

Orthotic insoles with anatomical arch support enhance the comfort delivered by the outsoles, and the overall effect is that of a pillow-like support that eases soreness on your heel and arch areas, and that can also help treat knee, hip, or lower back pain caused by overpronation, flat feet, arthritis, or other systemic conditions including diabetes.

Suitable for most nurses, the sneaker comes in medium, wide, and extra-wide widths, and delivers the perfect, customized fit.

We also like that the insoles are removable, so you can replace them with custom made orthotics. Furthermore, the flexible mesh upper promotes breathability and enhances comfort.

While all these features will cost you, Orthofeet offers a 60-day money-back guarantee, and you can even pick your favorite from three attractive colors.

6. Alegria Women’s Debra Slip-On Shoe

Alegria is one of the most popular professional shoe brands among healthcare workers, and for a good reason. Its shoes are durable, attractive from a visual standpoint, and highly comfortable.

While there are many models to choose from, the Debra slip-on is a work shoe recommended by podiatrists to those with plantar fasciitis.

In terms of comfort and support, it’s halfway between a Dansko and a Birkenstock, offering the expected support in the arch area and adequate cushioning for your heel. It absorbs shocks wonderfully, while the rocker front allows for a fluid movement.

Comfort is also enhanced by the slightly higher heel; at the same time, the leather upper keeps spills away from your skin.

From a visual standpoint, we like the contrast stitching edges along the footbed and the colorful patterns on the upper. You can choose from a variety of unique prints or solid colors. The design is completed by elastic gores that allow for easy on and off.

As most shoes for plantar fasciitis, the Debra has a roomy toe box and removable insoles that allow you to use them with custom orthotics if necessary. No doubt, a nursing shoe that’s well worth the investment.

7. Alegria Women’s Keli Professional Shoe

Keli Professional is the second Alegria shoe that’s made it to our list, and comes as a great alternative for those who like the brand’s unique prints but would like a more traditional shape for their footwear.

Despite the more traditional design, these shoes will still let you express your personality with their vibrant colors, and like the Debra model above, they need little to no break-in before becoming comfortable.

True to fit, the Keli is a closed-heel slip-on clog developed to provide adequate cushioning and support to nurses with plantar fasciitis. The insole is highly comfortable, while the leather upper and lining are stain-resistant and protect your feet from spills. Although not washable, this model is very easy to disinfect whenever needed.

Another nice thing is that the leather molds to the shape of your foot and becomes slightly looser over time. Thanks to this feature, you’ll even be able to wear this shoe with orthotics and compression sleeves or socks.

Like most closed-heel clogs, the Keli presents double elastic gores for easy on and off and comes with a slip-resistant outsole. More than enough reasons to give them a try if none of the other models convinced you.

8. Slow Man Mesh Nursing Shoes

Blurring the line between a sneaker and a compression sock, the Slow Man Walking Sneaker is another excellent choice for nurses with plantar fasciitis and medium to wide feet.

It’s hard to define the look of this shoe. The mesh fabric upper has the looks and feel of an elastic sock: lightweight, breathable, and adaptable. This design delivers ultimate comfort, but little protection in case of incidents.

The rubber soles are thick and rugged, borrowing their design from the hiking shoe soles. They’re non-slip, wear-resistant, and enhanced by a classic air cushion that absorbs shocks and provides enhanced support.

The result is a lightweight, breathable shoe suitable for daily use. Besides an excellent nursing shoe for plantar fasciitis, the Slow Man is also perfect for dancing, Zumba, or other athletic activities.

While not the most durable out there, this shoe has an attractive price point and can be a great choice for nurses on a budget.

9. Nurse Mates Dove Slip-On Loafer

If you’re a traditionalist at heart looking for a pair of classic shoes that are capable to help you deal with foot pain and plantar fasciitis, know that the Dove slip-on loafer by Nurse Mates could fit the bill.

Part of the brand’s Lites collection, this shoe is designed with nurses in mind. It’s very lightweight and comfortable, feeling like a second skin even when worn for long hours.

A fully enclosed design delivers the superior protection you’d expect from a nursing shoe while still being breathable. Available in two colors; you can choose from a classic white or a stylish black the hue that best matches your personality or workplace color code.

Regardless of your choice, the shoe is stain resistant and designed to look good for a really long time.

Nurses with plantar fasciitis will particularly like the thick EVA soles with rubber inserts that deliver excellent support and cushioning. Besides adaptable insoles, these shoes also incorporate a sturdy steel shank that enhances support in the arch area.

The overall design helps reduce fatigue and foot pain, even when you have to take on a double shift.

10. Klogs Naples Closed-Back Nursing Clog

The last entry on our list of best shoes for nurses with plantar fasciitis is the Naples nursing clog from KLOGS. This leather model is not only perfect for nurses with plantar fasciitis, but it can also ease the symptoms of arch collapse and bone degeneration, as well as reduce the pain caused by tendonitis.

All this is possible thanks to the removable, cushioned polyurethane insoles that support the arch on their own or that can be replaced with custom orthotics if needed.

To enhance comfort is also the thick polyurethane outsole that enhances balance on slippery floors while absorbing shocks effectively.

Through these features, the clog delivers all-day comfort even when working 14-hour shifts.

Like most female or male nursing shoes, this model comes in a variety of colors, and even in various prints that you can match your unique personality. With all this in mind, the Naples KLOGS is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a durable shoe at a mid-range price point.