Best Thermometer For Nurses – Reviews And Buying Guide In 2022

Measuring your patient’s temperature is one of the main things you’ll do as a nurse. That’s why investing in a quality thermometer is essential. It’s only that there are so many models on the market that finding the best one is often daunting.

A good thermometer for nurses must be easy to use, provide quick readings and, above all, it must be accurate. With this in mind, check out our recommended thermometers for nurses below to find the right one…

Our Top 10 List for Best Thermometer for Nurses

1. iProven Thermometer for Nurses

Ideal for measuring the temperature of kids, babies, and adults, iProven DMT-489Black is perhaps the best thermometer for nurses on the market. This model is recommended by GPs and pediatricians alike and is a great instrument to add to your arsenal.

Calibration for each ear and forehead thermometer readings help you measure the temperature in the most convenient way, based on the age and status of your patient. Fast readings also make it particularly suitable for children.

You can expect to get a reading in less than 5 seconds, a feature that also makes it the go-to solution for parents and caretakers.

Despite the super-fast reading time, this thermometer is incredibly accurate. Its greatest strength is the newest infrared technology and precision engineering that allow it to detect even the slightest changes in temperature.

Not only this instrument can help you detect fever, but you can also use it to monitor your patient’s status as frequently as necessary. For accurate readings, just make sure to stay for a few minutes in the patient’s room before measuring the temperature, as the instrument needs acclimatization.

Whether you’re a nurse in need of a thermometer for practice or look for the right instrument for home use, this no-contact device is undoubtedly one of your best options.

2. iProven Digital Thermometer

Nurses who like technology (see our roundup of best sphygmomanometers for nurses) yet strongly believe that traditional designs are better than the modern ones will surely like this digital thermometer. It comes from the same brand as our top pick, but it’s a standard instrument designed for oral, axillary, or rectal temperature measurement.

It’s much more suitable for infants, but also for teens, adults, and seniors who have the patience to wait until you get a reading. While it works fast, it’s not as quick as the DMT-489Black above.

Some patients may argue about hygiene, but luckily, this instrument is fully waterproof and easy to clean. It’s also compatible with most medical disinfectants, so you won’t risk transmitting an infection from one patient to another.

However, we do recommend to get separate thermometers if you plan or have to use them in different ways. For instance, it is always best practice to have a unit for oral use, one for pediatric rectal use, and one for axillary placement.

A nice feature is the flexible probe that allows for easy and comfortable rectal insertion. Flexibility apart, the device can read the temperature in about 10 seconds. Smiley faces on the side of the display will let you know at a glance whether your patient has a fever, while the actual temperature level is clearly indicated on the screen.

An audible signal also lets you know when reading is complete, but the volume is so low that you might not hear it if you’re working in busy or noisy environments. All in all, though, this is an excellent thermometer considering its price point.

3. Caroune Thermometer

Caroune is another forehead thermometer doctors and nurses swear by. It’s equally perfect for both home and professional use, thanks to its intuitive operation and fast reading.

Undoubtedly more hygienic than an oral or rectal piece, this thermometer is particularly ideal for pediatric use. It could also be a better choice for people suffering from allergies, while nurses working with contagious patients may also prefer this instrument.

Like the thermometers above, this model boasts multiple measurement modes. Not only you can use it to read the forehead temperature, but you can also use it to measure the temperature of objects.

Intelligent light prompts and 32 memory recalls make it easy to keep track of any temperature changes.

Furthermore, you can also switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius quickly and easily. The unit comes with a set of batteries and is easy to use straight out of the box. Moreover, a convenient storage pouch keeps it protected in your nursing kit or bag.

This thermometer is backed by a 36-months replacement warranty and comes with a 120-days money-back guarantee. All you need to purchase in all peace of mind.

4. Enji Prime Thermometer

Enji Prime is another classic style thermometer that has made it to our list. Ideal for babies, children, and adults, this model is perfect for nurses working on general care wards rather than the ER.

Designed to provide fast readings, it can return a result in about 10 seconds. A flexible probe makes it easy to use either as an oral, rectal, or axillary thermometer.

There are no smiley faces to show you the results, but the large display makes it easy to see the readings. Like the iProven digital thermometer above, the Enji Prime comes with a hard protective case and is waterproof.

Although you can both wash and disinfect the instrument, we still recommend having one for each type of use (oral, rectal, and axillary).

Another nice feature is that you can switch quickly and easily between Fahrenheit and Celsius. The instrument comes with a complimentary eBook and is backed by a convenient money-back guarantee.

5. Freshliance Thermometer

Next entry on our list is the Freshliance, a digital infrared thermometer that’s extremely easy to use and more than ideal for nurses in pediatric or emergency wards. Due to its infrared measurements, the unit is easier to keep clean and more hygienic for patients.

One button operation allows for measuring the forehead temperature or ear as well as object temperatures without any issues.

A memory mode stores up to 16 readings, just in case you have to monitor a patient.

Like most infrared digital thermometers, the Freshliance can provide a reading in about a second. The high-precision infrared sensor provides accuracy and reliability, and the results are displayed on the large HD screen.

An audible signal lets you know when the reading is complete, while a mute mode allows you to monitor the temperature without disturbing your patients while they sleep.

The thermometer is made from ABS material. It is BPA-free, contains no toxic substances, and is FDA approved to use at home or in professional settings.

6. Links Medical Non-Contact Thermometer

LinkTemp by Links Medical Products is another non-contact thermometer that has made it to our list. It utilizes the same infrared technology seen on other units, but the latest technologies involved make it highly accurate and reliable.

Indeed, this isn’t the cheapest thermometer out there, but it’s well worth the money. Designed for both individual and multi-patient use, this FDA-cleared, clinical-grade device eliminates the risk of cross-contamination and is also perfect for sleeping or combative patients.

Using it is as simple as it gets. Keep it at about 1.2 inches from the center of the forehead and let the infrared sensor do the trick.

You’ll get a reading in only a few seconds. Two temperature scales let you switch from Fahrenheit to Celsius, and the memory mode lets you keep a history if you only monitor one patient.

The thermometer also emits audible signals, and it can even read the temperature aloud. This function works in English as well as in Spanish, and it’s very easy to deactivate when you don’t need it. Regarding the alarm, you can set it to only turn on when it detects a fever.

On the downside, the unit is not suitable for making ear measurements. That’s hardly an issue, but know that this feature misses in case you need it.

Low energy requirements ensure a long battery life, and a visual alert will let you know when it’s time for a replacement. Performing up to 100,000 readings, the LinkTemp is an excellent choice. It may be expensive, but it’s undoubtedly one of the best thermometers for nurses your money can buy.

7. Innovo Medical FR201

Innovo Medical is a popular medical instruments and supplies brand, and one of their most popular thermometers is the FR201. This instrument is intuitive enough for home use, yet offers professional accuracy at a price that won’t break the bank.

Using infrared technology and designed for forehead thermometer measurements, it’s ideal for pediatric wards, care homes, and generally for all restless patients.

The reading is displayed almost instantly on the large LCD screen. An audible mode with a fever alarm makes it ideal for busy nurses caring for more than one patient at once, while the silent mode makes it perfect for measuring the temperature during the night.

Designed with medical professionals in mind, the unit also meets all FDA requirements and has excellent accuracy.

A dedicated button lets you switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius; furthermore, the unit can store up to 20 previous readings.

Safe and hygienic, this thermometer will also help you prevent cross-contamination among patients of family members.

Not only the unit is portable and convenient. It’s also extremely elegant. Sure, you might not care about the design. But if you do, we’re sure you’re going to like the one-button operation, sleek lines, and stylish display that’s visible in low light.

8. Simplife Thermometer

Simplife thermometer is another outstanding device for nurses. Like the Innovo above, it’s a reliable and accurate infrared instrument, ideal for environments where a no-touch unit is a more appropriate choice than a classic one.

An upgraded algorithm ensures accurate reading of forehead temperature measurement, while the removable cap and incorporated probe let you switch from forehead to ear thermometer in a blink of an eye.

It is suitable for both adult and pediatric use, delivering the reading in only a second. Ideal for nurses working in busy environments, it also comes with intelligent settings, such as fever alarm, a silent mode, and 20 memory recalls.

The memory recalls are particularly useful for both monitoring a patient’s fever in the long run or save the readings for several patients for later reference. Compact and portable, the unit fits easily in a nursing kit and brings excellent value.

9. ACCUIT Thermometer

Very similar in design and functions with the Simplife, the ACCUIT is another infrared thermometer to consider. A variety of features and simple operation make it a winner.

Designed for both forehead and ear readings, it is great for nurses but also for new moms. A large start button makes it easy to record a reading by simply pressing it. Removing the blue cap, you can reveal the ear probe in just seconds.

Both methods are non-invasive and suitable to measure the temperature of both children and adults.

A second button under the display lets you run through the readings saved in the memory.

Like most no-contact thermometers, the unit can display the readings in both Fahrenheit and Celsius.

We really like the backlit display that not only shows the reading as a number but that colors differently depending on whether or not it has detected a fever. That makes it super-easy to see your patient’s status at a glance, before looking at the actual figure.

Indeed, the screen is green for normal values and turns red for abnormal temperatures.

Other highlights include long battery life and automatic turn-off. The thermometer comes stylishly packed in a black carrying pouch; just what you need to keep it protected in your nursing instruments bag.

10. Metene Thermometer

Last entry on our list of best thermometers for nurses, the Metene is another noteworthy infrared instrument. It’s dual-mode, like most infrared units, meaning you can either scan the forehead or use the ear probe.

Ideal for children and adults, it’s non-invasive and super-easy to use. Just hold down the appropriate button depending on the mode you want to use and wait for a second.

It’s accurate and reliable as long as you acclimatize it to room temperature. The large LCD screen turns red or green, depending on the value of the reading, while the memory recalls up to 20 readings.

Fast and clinically accurate, it’s ideal for nurses but also for home use. For more convenience, a loud beep will even let you know when the measurement is done.

The thermometer comes with all needed to use straight out of the box, including batteries and a storage bag. No doubt, a great choice for most nurses.