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Nurses and Title X Regulations

January, 26 2017

Nurses raise voice abortion policy

National nursing organizations oppose political interference in Title X Family Planning Program

In 2016, the American Academy of Nursing (AAN) supported the Obama Administration’s proposed rule to clarify and strengthen the Title X family planning program, the nation’s only dedicated source of public funding for sexual and reproductive health (SRH)[1] services, as outlined in AAN comments on the DHHS/Title X proposed regulations to amend 42 CFR part 59: Compliance with Title X Requirements by Project Recipients in Selecting Subrecipients (submitted by the AAN on  September 30, 2016). RhN leader Diana Taylor was instrumental in leading this effort within the AAN.

Title X Makes a Difference: 2014

The American Academy of Nursing supports strengthening Title X regulations for healthcare providers —

The proposed DHHS/Title X rule clarified criteria for state governments to apportion Title X funds based on a provider’s ability to perform sexual and reproductive health (SRH) services effectively and eliminated discrimination against certain “focused reproductive health providers” (e.g., Planned Parenthood) that had demonstrated successful outcomes in reducing unintended pregnancy, improving SRH and providing essential preventive services. The proposed rule aligned Title X requirements with established Medicaid/Medicare criteria for qualified providers based on professional and facility scope of practice and licensing. Notably, President Obama approved the new rules on December 14, 2016.  

Authors submitting comments on behalf of the AAN include RhN leaders Diana Taylor (also a leader of the AAN-Women’s Health Expert Panel) and Kathy Simmonds, and AAN Women’s Health Expert Panel members Shirley Jones, Judith Berg, Versie Johnson-Mallard, Teresa Hagan. View the full comments here: AAN supports Title X rules_WHEPfinal_092816.