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Assessing Sexual and Reproductive Health Content of Primary Care NP Residency and Fellowship Programs in the U.S.

January, 26 2017

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RhN leaders spearhead study to investigate sexual and reproductive health content and opportunities in formal transition to practice programs for Nurse Practitioners —

Advanced practice nurses (APRNs) are an important sector of the primary care workforce, caring for patients in a wide range of settings including federally qualified health centers (FQHCs), college and school-based health centers, retail clinics and other ambulatory and community-based sites. Sexual and reproductive health (SRH) care is an essential component of primary care. Post-graduate Residency and Fellowship programs are an emerging and growing trend aimed at supporting new Primary Care Nurse Practitioners (PCNPs) in the transition from student to practicing clinician. Currently there are approximately 38 PCNP Residency programs in the U.S., and a number of others are in the planning stages.

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Whether and what type of didactic and clinical training PCNP Residency programs offer in this area is not currently known.  In this study, nurse researchers Joyce Cappiello and Kathy Simmonds, along with Molly Battistelli from Advancing New Standards in Reproductive Health, and Kerry Bamrick of the National Nurse Practitioner Residency and Fellowship Training Consortium, aim to describe what didactic and clinical educational content and training opportunities in SRH/women’s health PCNP programs in the U.S. currently offer, and determine program needs for advancing the knowledge and skills of Residents in this area of care.


This study is currently underway.