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Core Competencies in Sexual and Reproductive Health for the Interprofessional Primary Care Team

January, 23 2017

Sexual and reproductive health competencies for the interprofessional primary care team, including nurses

core competencies for nurses imageNurse scholars Joyce Cappiello and Amy Levi, along with Melissa Nothnagle, MD, carried out a Delphi-
to develop these interprofessional sexual and reproductive health (SRH) competencies for primary care providers in the U.S.
Nurse educators can use them as a guide for developing curricula that prepares students to provide competent SRH care.

The study established a total of 33 core competencies that “encompass professional ethics and reproductive justice, collaboration, SRH services, and conditions affecting SRH.”

They can be further grouped into the following topical areas:

Sexual health promotion and assessment; sexual/physical violence; contraception; pregnancy intention/preconception care; pregnancy screening/unplanned pregnancy/abortion; preconception care; pregnancy care; postpartum care; fertility/infertility; common/benign GYN conditions; reproductive tract infections and sexually transmitted infections; reproductive tract cancers: screening & management; uro-GYN/pelvic floor disorders; Genito-urinary conditions of men (GUM); peri- and post-menopause; behavioral/mental health; environmental health; genetic screening; ethics; legal & service delivery considerations.