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Taking A Sexual History: Guidelines for Nurses

January, 24 2017

LGBTQ-friendly taking a sexual history guide from the Fenway Institute —

taking sexual history nursesA system-wide approach to taking sexual health histories for nurses, clinic staff, and health care organizations

Nurses are responsible for collecting sexual health history information in many hospitals and clinics. This document outlines a practical, patient-centered approach to taking a sexual health history including setting the stage, screening questions, risk assessment and effective communication. Nurses who are uncomfortable asking about sex and sexuality may find the suggestions about specific phrasing and communication strategies particularly helpful.



Taking a sexual history guide from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

cdc guide to taking a sexual history for nursesPartners, practices, protection of STDs, past history of STDs, prevention of pregnancy

The CDC published this guide to help health care professionals, including nurses, assess patients’ sexual health and sexually transmitted disease risks. It encourages discussing the “5 P’s” of sexual health: partners, practices, protection of STDs, past history of STDs, and prevention of pregnancy. Student nurses and nurses new to discussing sexual history may find the dialogue and phrasing suggestions useful.